Naish Alana Air SUP Board 11'6" LT (32" x 6") - 280 Liter

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Alana Inflatable 11’6” LT

Women’s Inflatable All-around 11’6”

The Alana In atable 11’6” features a signi cantly more stable design for women wanting a versatile, user-friendly board for all-around cruising, touring and family fun. Its 32” width and 6” thickness provide incredible rigidity, signi cant stability and a smooth glide. Thanks to its added volume and tail width, this model performs effortlessly while carrying larger loads (like kids) through atwater and chop while still allowing easy maneuverability.

Durable and lightweight, the LT construction builds strength from the inside out. Polyester space yarn is strategically positioned in a reinforced V-connection for maximum strength and load distribution. Maintaining precision control over rocker and twist, we adhere a .52 mm 1,000 Denier PVC Hybrid Stringer once the drop-stitch is formed, to reinforce shape without weighing down the structure. A double rail construction adds further strength and stiffness, while high-heat tolerant German-made adhesive ensures long-lasting resilience.

Ideal for riders up to 210 lbs/95 kg 

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