Goya Carrera Pro Freeride Windsurf Board 2019

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The new Carrera Pro line uncompromisingly caters to Freecarve riders. The Carrera Pro sailing expe- rience builds on agility, turning torque, and the board’s supreme build.

Freecarve boards are slightly narrower than Freeride boards, designed for advanced Freeriders looking for more lively boards that are easier to fly on the rail.

There used to be a time when only Race boards were built like the Carrera Pro. And there is no other Freecarve board on the market built like it, even today.

We set out to create a Freecarve board with only the very best composites applied, racing composites and
full carbon deck con- struction, bringing the ultimate speed sensation to a broader audience, a sensation that up until now only racers could experi- ence.

The Carrera Pro offers utmost high-end perfor- mance whenever and wherever you want it. Matching best with the Nexus Pro Freeride, it covers all bases from rough seas to lighter winds to calmer lake conditions, and in that it is just as fun to carve as it is jaw-dropping fast.


Available in 116, 130, 144 liters.

Available in Pro Full Carbon Deck construction.

Available with a Powerbox finbox.

Available in neon blue on metallic blue.

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