Goya Proton Pro Race Single Windsurf Board 2019

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Building on the immense success of its first gen- eration, the new Proton Pro is even more refined, more precise, and with- out beating around the bush, simply the fastest, which is what this board is all about.

Gabriel Browne, PWA team rider: “The line has three sizes and is totally focused on racing performance. We talk about winning races, wherever you want, no matter the condition. These three siz- es cover any wind range. During testing on Maui we sailed in all different kinds of conditions, from heavy swells to flat speed places, strong onshore squalls to morning offshore breezes, and I’m absolutely happy with how these boards came out.

The 96 is a strong wind machine, focused on of- fering ultimate control and precise jibing, along with maximum speed. When racing in strong winds with the PWA we need something very easy and

comfortable to handle, so that we can focus on our tactics.

The 116 has a incredible wind range and suits sails from 6,5 to 8,5 perfectly. It is designed to be in the top level of efficiency and performance on any race course.

The 136 is a light wind killer. With the wider tail shape this board planes very very early and jibes like nothing else.

The Proton Pro range has been refined to the T, with rail shapes designed to deliver the best perfor- mance and control. The

bottom shape is a pure slalom powerhouse, with every single millimeter dialed to make sure these boards are perfectly accurate. No compro- mise. The concave deck shape allows the sailor a maximum level of comfort within the spectrum of the discipline.


Available in 96, 116, 136 liters. Foil Ready: 116, 136.

Available in Pro Light Full Carbon Hull construction.

Available with a Tuttle finbox (96) or Deep Tuttle finbox (116, 136).

Available in neon yellow on metallic amber.

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