Goya Custom Thruster Pro Wave Windsurf Board 2019

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Marcilio Browne: “I’ve been riding the Thruster a few times now and got a great fun feeling from it. It pivots more than the Quad and this makes a board with more volume seem smaller while turning, especially when on a smaller wave providing less speed. The Thruster is great to go vertical and release the tail.

I enjoy riding the Custom Pro Thruster on days that are a bit more onshore
at Hookipa. It carries speed and feels very loose, which allows me to

ride more volume on the board and compensate by having a smaller sail which turns out to be a fun combo. When Hookipa

is mast high and clean, I personally ride a Custom Pro Quad as I feel like
it gives me a bit more control while going full speed, digging into the bottom turn and going
for big open face carves. But as soon as the days are smaller, not super

offshore, I have been having more and more fun on the Thruster, it’s a new refreshing feeling for me that seems to fit well with smaller and slower waves.”

The Custom Pro Thruster is our all-around waveriding board, a bit more acces- sible than the Custom Pro Quad, and more agile than the One Pro Thruster.


Available in 75, 81, 86, 92, 99, 105 liters.

Available in Pro Carbon & S-Glass construction.

Available with a US center and Mini Tuttle side finboxes.

Available in neon pink on neon yellow.

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