Goya One Pro Freewave Windsurf Board 2019

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Our dedicated one board to do it all, call it Freewave, Bump and Jump, Inside or Outside the bay, this is your
one board solution. The design with the most added range in our line, providing all the balance, planing, power and con- trol you can dream of.

You can seriously alter the character of these boards by simply adjusting the straps further inboard or

outboard with a single
or double strap on the back. Ride it as a Single Fin or Thruster, these new shapes simply bring top performance to wher-
ever you go or feel like riding that day. The One Freewave brings you our longest and widest body along with the fastest wave rocker, maximizing early planing, power and glide of the boards. The rider comfortably positions further forward, on a thin-

ner and more balanced volume distribution. An absolutely ideal board for getting into the waves or for riders that are looking for maximum power on a minimal board. The new One has a fuller outline. Maximum Vee/Medium Double Concaves provide comfort on anything from flat to choppy waters.

The One comes with the fastest 3 Phase Rocker and a very thinned profile.

The rider stance is set fur- ther forward on the board, adding more glide and natural flow.

The One Pro Thruster is our all-around wavesailing board, even more acces- sible than the Custom Pro

Thruster, and less extreme than the Custom Pro Quad.


Available in 86, 96, 106, 116 liters.

Available in Pro Carbon & S-Glass construction.

Available with a US center and Mini Tuttle side finboxes.

Available in neon violet on neon salmon.

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