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DUO WIND-SUP is the revolution of and constitutes a new era in SUP & windsurfing.


DUO WIND-SUP collection is a very complete board range, suitable for Stand-up paddling at all levels and in all conditions thanks to its variety of sizes available.


The additional mast foot system, specifically designed and developed with its adapter, is super fun for windsurfing sessions, from cruising to blasting bump&jump, including trendy style strapless wave sessions, when winds are light and you still don?t want miss on the opportunity to ride the perfect wave.





All the fiberglass hard tails are 3?6? long with Future fin boxes and a US central box, which are uniformly integrated in the fiberglass section. All the DUO WIND-SUP models can be stowed away inside a trolley bag and carried as a backpack or pulled on its wheels.

- Composite board performance with inflatable transportability.

- Hardboard riding feel in wave turns, relaxed paddling and top speed.

- 4 Future Box + 1 center US BOX uniformly integrated in the fiberglass section (board comes with 4 PVC future fins only).

- OPTIONAL fin-box for FOIL (made to order on demand).

- Inflation within less than 30 seconds.

- Deflating and bag storage in less than 30 seconds.

- Easy transport and storage efficiency.

- M8 iron screws with specific mast PAD adapter for winsurf mast-foot.

- Reduced pack size, fitted with a wheeled trolley bag.

- Airplane flight allowance check-in size.


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