MFC HF-Freeride Windsurf Finne

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HF – Freeride


Blistering speed coupled with easy maneuverability and a comfortable ride, the MFC HF Freerace is an all new design evolved from the development of the H1 racing n with Kai Hopf. Featuring the same pro le, the HF promises to deliver enough speed to blast by all your friends, but with a slightly more friendly rake, offers a more gentle ride for going upwind and jibing in a variety of water conditions. A graduated rake scale based on wind-range, the smaller sizes (28—42) feature a bit more rake than the larger (44—52) for optimal performance, and reduce the chances of spinout in every condition.

For 2018 the HF will be available in two models. The HF_Carbon is the high performance, carbon molded with RTM technology while the HF_RIDE features a more economical glass construc- tion that still won’t compromise on overall performance.


Available Sizes:

> 28cm

> 30cm

> 32cm

> 34cm

> 36cm

> 38cm

> 40cm

> 42cm

> 44cm

> 46cm

> 48cm

> 50cm

> 52cm



> RTM Glass Epoxy


Fins Box Systems/Base:

> Powerbox / Tuttle Box

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