MFC Weed Burner 45 Seegras Windsurf Finne

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WB - Weed Burner


A no compromise speed machine, the WeedBurner is the ulti- mate racing n for any weedy/grassy location. Derived from the H1 racing n, it’s pro le delivers the ultimate in top speed and upwind performance, while still delivering the torque need- ed for early planing. The rake back allows weeds to easily slide away, ensuring limited slip outs and minimal loss of top end speed. Built in black G-10 construction and available in 45° and 50° rake angles.



Available Sizes:

> 29cm

> 34cm

> 40cm

> 46cm



> Black G10


Fins Box Systems/Base:

> Powerbox / Tuttle Box / Depp Tuttle Box

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