MFC Weed Ride Seegras Freeride Windsurf Finne

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WR - Weed Ride


Thanks to customer feedback and suggestions, for 2018 MFC introduces a new line to the Weed range, the WeedRide. A cross between our signature WeedBurner and WeedWave, the WeedRide delivers the ultimate balance between speed and maneuverability. The pro le derives from the H1, meaning it’s going to be blistering fast, yet with more rake maintains excel- lent carving capabilities. Available in black G-10 and Bio Resin construction.


Available Sizes:

> 30cm

> 33cm

> 36cm

> 39cm




> Black G10


Fins Box Systems/Base:

> Powerbox / Nuus Box (US/Slot) / Tuttle Box

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