Goya Bounce Pro Freestyle Segel 2018

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Bounce Pro
Freestyle 4 Batten

The Bounce is your go to sail for dedicated and uncompromised technical freestyle windsurfing.

The Bounce is the sail for professional freestyle windsurfing. Lightest weight, instantaneous yet flexible lifting power, stable draft for easy control, high cut foot and raised clew for duck tricks, these are the defining features of this cutting edge freestyle sail.

Super light super strong scrim panels, woven Dacron luff panel, 5mil monofilm window, carbon fiber stretch control, titanium clew ring, rip stop sleeve, molded tack fairing.

The Bounce pushes deeper in to the discipline of modern freestyle, more pop when you need it, more neutral when you don’t. Refined outlines, particularly in the foot area of the sail make “duck” based tricks easer to initiate and execute. Forward profile transition to leech edge release has been improved on this season’s Bounce to offer more efficient low end power. When the gust hits, when the sail loads up, that energy is turned into forward driving power and speed much more quickly. Sizing has been adjusted, now offering 4.8. We have updated the material in the tack and foot of the sail to be more impact and damage resistant using stronger film and yarn configurations in the laminate. Plus it now comes in the sail body color, increasing the visual impact and pop on the water.

New combination nylon/composite leech mini battens stabilize the leech trailing edge making the sail quieter in the hands and also more durable against material breakdown caused by an excessively fluttering leech.

Available in 3.8, 4.2, 4.4, 4.8, 5.1, 5.4, 5.6 square meters.

Available in fuchsia & yellow.

Recommended freestyle mast 99 Pro.
Optional flatwater and bump & jump mast 70 Pro.



Pro Scrim & Monofilm

Scrim Body Panels. The colored Scrim material used in the main panels offers super strong durability, super light weight and a supple and alive feel throughout the sail.

Monofilm Window Panels. Monofilm offers crystal clear optics, light weight and a crisp direct feel. Featured on Nexus and Mark.

Dacron luff panels, Carbon Stretch Control, Titanium Clew Ring, Rip Stop Sleeve and a Molded Tack Fairing round off the peak quality package. Sleeve cut treatments as well as tack and foot reinforcements are now folded to increase durability and prevent edge fraying. A wider scalloped upper leech reinforcement prevents breakdown of the leech from fluttering in strong wind conditions such as Omaezaki, the Gorge and Pozo.

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